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The definition of a crisis

People who are in crisis or at imminent risk of a crisis must either:

  1. Require protection from confirmed abuse, neglect, or exploitation or written documentation of pending action for the same, or:
  2. Are at significant, imminent risk of serious harm to self or others.


The crisis process

To submit a crisis request, you must contact your local case manager or CDDO

A written request is required to be submitted to

  • The CDDO will make a determination as to if you meet the definition of a crisis.
  • If the CDDO recommends approval, your information will be sent to KDADS for review and final determination.
  • KDADS will review your information and issue a notice of action to you, the CDDO, and the MCO, if applicable.
  • If you are found to not meet the crisis definition by the CDDO or KDADS, you will receive a notice of action that explains your right to appeal the decision and how to do so.

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